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Daily Report for the month of January 2023

24 Hour Graph of this day is not available (2023010.gif)

Average and Extremes for Month of January 2023 up to day 0
Average temperature 32.0°F
Average humidity 0%
Average dewpoint 32.0°F
Average barometer 0.000 in.
Average windspeed 0.0 mph
Average gustspeed 0.0 mph
Average direction 0° (N)
Rainfall for month 0.000 in.
Rainfall for year 0.000 in.
Maximum rain per minute 0.000 in on 00 at 00:00
Maximum temperature -94.0°F on 00 at 00:00
Minimum temperature 212.0°F on 00 at 00:00
Maximum humidity 0% on 00 at 00:00
Minimum humidity 100% on 00 at 00:00
Maximum pressure 0.00 in. on 10 at 09:51
Minimum pressure 32.48 in. on 00 at 00:05
Maximum windspeed 0.0 mph from 00°(N) on 00 at 00:00
Maximum gust speed 0.0 mph from 00°(N) on 00 at 00:00
Maximum heat index -148.0°F on 00 at 00:00

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